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The research activities concern following directions:

Spatial and temporal distribution of marine and freshwater plankton
Seasonal cycles in plankton and benthos communities
Eutrophication processes and the role of environmental factors
Mixotrophy and the role of disolved organic matter (DOM)
Biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems
Interactions between algal and bacterial communities
Harmful algal blooms (HAB) in marine and fresh water ecosystems
Eco-toxicological studies (the influence of heavy metals, oil pollution, detergents, waste waters, algal toxins and other harmful substances)
Ecological risk assesment using bioassays (ISO, EU, EPA standarts)

Research Facilities:

Research vessel “ANTONIJA”
GIS-based site characterization tools
Inflatable boats
SCUBA equipment
Walk-in climate chambers for experimental work
Culture collection of non-toxic and toxic algal strains
Culture collection of bioassays testobjects


Sample collection



Analyses of phytoplankton community structure


Monitoring of the harmful algal blooms in Latvian territorial waters


Isolation of algal strains and maintenance of cultures


Ecological studies



Bioassay experiments


Toxicological experiments with Baltic herrings


Toxicological experiments with salmon larvae


Experiments with salmon larvae in laboratory


Bioaccumulation of algal toxins in molluscs and fish liver